Hashimi? SO WHAT?!

I have heard numerous stories about failed relationships in Yemen.  The cause: class divide.  I was surprised to hear that to this day, many families still object if a non-Hashemite person proposes to their Hashemite daughter! 

Some Hashemites think they only “deserve” to marry Hashemites.  This feeling of elitism contradicts the egalitarian nature of Islam.  What surprised me even more is that it s not only the older generation that still thinks this way, some youth also fiercely hold on to this mode of thinking.  How can someone who claims to believe in Islam’s teaching of equality judge others based on their class!  People try to justify it and say that this is part of our culture and we should respect it.  But when someone is utterly racist, classist, and ridiculous we should not accept it simply because it is part of our culture!  Instead we must stand strong against it.   This class divide must stop.  Learn to judge people for who they are, not for what class their family belongs to!

** Hashimi refers to those descendants from Bani Hashem and claim to being a direct descendant of the prophet Muhammad.

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