Yes it is possible to be single and happy

Two quick stories:

I had a phone interview with the director of a well-known institute in Yemen (I will not mention the name here).  Overall, the interview went well, but there were some odd statements:

Director: “I asked around and they told me you’re single.  That is very good.”

Me: “umm why?

Director: “Since you’re not married you will work hard and probably work overtime since there is nothing for you to do after work!”

WHY WHY WHY, do people assume that just because we are single, it means we have no life?!!

Let me give you another example:

A few young Yemenis on facebook were discussing  early marriage in Yemen and the article on Nujood’s woman of the year award ( .  A 21 year old man said:

“i guess to marry at an early age is waaaaay better than being single almost all life ,,,”3anes”…and sorry for the word,,, wt do u think u guys ??”

Why is life equated with marriage for some people.  I’m not against marriage, I think it can be a beautiful thing.  But I also know that just because someone is single does not mean they are unhappy, and just because someone is married does not necessarily guarantee happiness.  Our happiness is not necessarily ONLY extracted from a spouse.  It can also be felt without one.

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