Facebook the Bearer of Bad News

Today, like many days I went on Facebook expecting to get the usual updates from friends and family, view some new photos, and watch funny videos or news clips. I also wanted to post a message to my friend Jehan Shaheen’s wall to get the usual girly update on her love life, and to write her a message telling her that she can’t have fun at the beach without me, because after all, the best beach trip was the one we took together! Well, it turns out she didn’t have fun at all because she never got to the beach.

when I got to her wall, I was so confused. I saw messages saying “البقية في حياتك يا جيهان”….. What?? what does that mean? No way, this can’t happen!! I was to see her again the next time I went to Cairo. The more messages I read, the more it was confirmed. Jehan has passed away!!! On the road to Nwaiba’a, they got in a fatal car accident. I don’t know the details. I never told Jehan how proud I was to know such a strong amazing Egyptian activist like herself. I never told her many things. I hope that I can still tell her, after all, “Death ends a life, not a relationship.”

I know that I never told you all how much you mean to me. You have my life and each one of you stamped it in your own special way. You mean so much to me, and I am so happy to have you in my life. Please know that no matter how far we are, you are part of my life, and I love you very much.

Jehan’s last facebook status updates was

يطير الحمام، يحط الحمام،اعيدي لي الأرض لأستريح

the pigeon flies; the pigeon lands, return me to the land so I can rest.

She has returned to the land where she will rest in peace, inshallah.

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