Hidden Heroes of the Revolution

Revolutions need leaders to help spark the movement. To maintain the momentum and succeed, everyone’s participation is needed. The beauty of this revolution is that everyone has a role. The intellectuals challenge us to think beyond the obvious, artists inspire us with their revolutionary art, historians provide us with lessons from past revolutions, youth are passionately and courageously marching for our dignity and freedom, mothers are cooking for the protesters, human rights activists are documenting violations, researchers are writing policy briefs for the future, and doctors have stopped working in their clinics and instead are volunteering their time for a better future for all.

Not everyone is equally recognized because many are working behind the scenes. Here is a list of some groups of people that are working hard for the revolution with little recognition. There are many other hidden heroes, but this is a small attempt to highlight some.

Motorcyclists: motorcyclists have played a great and important role not only in transporting people and journalists to squares of change, but more importantly their heroic role in transporting the wounded to hospitals; especially when ambulances have been blocked.

Spouses: protesters have been camping in the squares of change for two months. During this time, husbands and wives have sometimes been separated for a long time. Without the emotional support and encouragement of the spouse, protesters would not be able to dedicate so much of their time on the revolution.

Lobbyists: there are many different groups in Yemen and outside Yemen that are working tirelessly to help spread accurate information about the revolution and the situation in Yemen to decision makers, media, and influential people. This is often conducted behind the scenes and major players are usually not recognized. Nevertheless, it’s a very important job.

Taxi drivers: taxi drivers have agreed to take protesters and journalists to dangerous areas in order to help spread information and report on the current revolution. These acts are also very admirable.

Volunteers: there are many different committees at the squares of change including: media, organization, medical, finance, security, and legal committees. They all depend on dedicated volunteers who work day and night for the revolution. For example, members of the security committee who guard the entrances spend hours doing a long, boring, but very important job of checking all those who enter. Under the sun or rain they remain steadfast.

This Revolution is truly by All and for All.

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