Why are you monitoring us?

This post is directed to specific people I know who spend so much of their time monitoring activities and reporting back to security apparatus in Yemen. Although I completely disagree with what they do, I must say, I admire their determination and hard work, especially these days when so many people are vocal about their opinions.
Yes, I’m talking about you
I know you are forwarding this
I know you are paid to watch me
I know you are paid to catch me
I see that change is necessary
You see change as destructive
You think I’m naive
I think you are selfish
I want equal rights
For you its all about what the sheikh likes
In the mirror what do you see?
will your children find your name amongst the heroes of history?
Or amongst those who supported tyranny?
I often wonder why you choose to do this?
I don’t know if it’s for fame, money, or glory
Or is it really an ideology?
Like every opinion, this one too will have two sides
And we are both spokesmen for our side
I now see that while you are against me

You may not be against our country

I wish you could see the same in me
Because in the end, we are both Yemeni.

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