The peaceful revolution is struggling to survive, but it’s still alive

Peaceful protesters went to the streets four months ago calling for an end to the regime. During this time many developments happened, and many players interfered. Violent conflict occurred separated from this peaceful struggle between armed tribal members and government forces. Tension is mounting, and civil war might erupt. Despite these escalations, protesters still stand firm, they are still camped at change square, and are continuing their peaceful protests.

On June 7th, independent youth marched to the house of vice president Abd-Rabou Mansour calling for the immediate creation of an interim council and an end to the regime with all its components, because while Saleh is out for now, his immediate family members and relatives are still holding key positions in the military and security apparatus. They camped there for 24 hours until they were dispersed by members of the First Armored brigade, the military who vowed to protect protesters late March.

On June 11th, independent protesters organized a symbolic march inside change square condemning the US position in Yemen. The statement that was read on stage had four points, the following is only the first point related to the US
“Our peaceful revolution is writing itself in the books of history. As free revolutionaries, we stood firm for four months, calling for change, which led to the beginning of the end for Ali Abdullah Saleh‘s regime. However, we recognize that the regime has not yet fallen with all its components. We therefore emphasize the following:
We thank the US for calling for a transition of power, however, we condemn the U.S. position which supports the continuation of the same governing system as evidence by the following:
  • The United States is dealing with the current situation in Yemen as a political crisis and not a popular youth revolution. This is evident from US support and pressure for the GCC initiative without inclusion of the youth.
  • The United States is not working towards real regime change, by supporting the family members of Ali Salehin key positions as head of military and security institutions under the pretext of combating terrorism.
  • The United States has not taken a firm stand against allegations that the Yemeni regime is using counter-terrorism arms and equipment funded by the US to suppress peaceful demonstrations”

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