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Achieving Long-Term Stability in Yemen: Moving Beyond Counterterrorism



The United States’ policy inYemen has focused narrowly on counterterrorism at the expense of economic and political development, which has not only hindered democratic reform in the country, but also compromised the short-term goal of eradicating the threat of terrorism. 

The restructuring of the securitysector, currently led by formerPresident Saleh’s family membersand cronies, is of paramountimportance for the future stabilityof Yemen.Because it has worked closelywith the Saleh regime oncounterterrorism cooperation, theU.S. is perceived as resistant tosecurity sector reform.U.S. counterterrorism efforts,particularly drone strikes, havefueled anti-American sentimentand had the reverse effect ofstrengthening the cause of radicalmilitants.The U.S. needs to shift its bilateral policy in Yemen toward long-term stability, which should include encouraging the Yemeni government to fundamentally restructure the security forces, increasing economic assistance, and limiting the use of drone strikes.Read full text here

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