Human Connection

Today as I was on the bus returning from a tiring meeting, we stopped at an intersection that is always full of more cars than it can handle.  I have also noticed an increase in the number of street children there.  It always pains me to see them losing their childhood for the prospects of having a future.
Looking out the window, I saw a young girl begging from the corner of my eye, and as she began approaching the bus I closed my eyes for one second.  When I opened them again, she was gone.

In one second I had made a choice not to see her.

Why did I do that? Is it the guilt for not being able to help? Is it the fact that I feel too overwhelmed by the injustice around me? or did I just not want to deal with her pain?

Yes, we can’t always internalize everything or else it will be too much to bear, but we also can not let ourselves be detached from our surroundings.

It’s not simply about giving money, it’s more about connecting on a human level.  Ignoring one another will lead to disconnect.  Only when we connect on a human level can we see the world around us, even when our eyes are closed.

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