WhatsApp, the phone application that allows users to send and receive messages, photos, videos, recordings from all over the world for free has become a very popular tool in Yemen.  You can send information individually, or create a group of friends and/or family.
Yet, this Yemeni woman sings about the perils of WhatsApp and how it is impacting her relationship.

Here are the translated lyrics: [I’m not a translator, so it won’t have the appropriate rhymes, i’m just trying to relay the humor and the message):

“oh what a strange world,
after all his love to me, he suddenly changed,
If only you know the reason,
the damn WhatsApp,
He no longer listens to anything I say,
or shows that he cares,
He screams for the stupidest reason,
all because of the damn WhatsApp,
Dinner, breakfast, and lunch,
if he disappears one second,
he becomes depressed,
all because of the damn WhatsApp,
If I tell him enough is enough,
it’s as if I shot him with a gun,
I become like [Abu Lahab],
all because of the damn WhatsApp,
oh how wonderful he used to be,
a well behaved gentleman,
who today answers me with “shut up”,
all because of the damn WhatsApp,
He wants a Galaxy S4,
to keep answering until dawn,
If I tell him get up, he falls,
all because of the damn WhatsApp”