Immobilizing Fear


Starting at her shoulders, fear contracted its muscles, curving its body from side to side. It thrust itself onto her neck. She shook her head and tried to shake it off, but it found resistance points in her teeth and shoved itself forward.   It forced her mouth shut, preventing her from screaming. She bit her lower lip, and her fists clenched together.

It began to crawl downward, and wrapped itself tightly around her chest. She yearned for air. Everywhere she looked she found pieces of its skin. It wrapped itself tightly around her legs and pushed them together, preventing them from opening. It became more aggressive and rubbed against the bottom of her foot causing excruciating pain. Tears rolled down her cheeks and mixed with her sweat. Afterwards, it shed its skin and renewed its energy, beginning once more at the top.

She suddenly and without knowing how, found herself flying on the ceiling. She looked down and saw her own body lying in bed without legs. They had transformed to black, grey and white scaly skin that rocked right to left in an S shape, while he rocked up and down on top of her. The more he moved, the faster her body transformed into fear itself. Fear in the shape of a large green slimy serpent.

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