On Parenthood

Photo by Benjamin Wiacek, Houplin Ancoisne, July 2018

It’s a grand understatement to say that toddlers test your patience. Sometimes they make you want to stab yourself in the eye. The tantrums make you want to dig a big hole and hibernate until they turn 18. But then, there are these precious moments that erase your memory.

In this state of blissful harmony, Lilia’s laughter, her humor, her raspberry scented mouth, and her soft kissable cheeks made me forget that just minutes ago I was about to stab my eye while hiding in a pile of dirt.

To survive parenthood, we embrace selective short-term memory loss. We delete the bad and devour the good. Parenthood is truly the most fascinating experiment of living in a constant state of euphoria and emotional turmoil. It is beyond draining but may also be indescribably beautiful.

I love you baby girl 

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