On the power of the period

My first postnatal menstrual cycle came with dread, not surprising given that for most of my life, I thought of my period as a nuisance and an impediment to productivity.  I also rarely talked about it in the open, only with female friends. My old self would be mortified that I’m posting this here.

But a few years ago, I learned about the power – and beauty – of the menstrual cycle (thanks to my friends L’abri and Susan who recommended great talks and books on the subject).
Today, after I was upset that I got my period, I re-watched Lucys Peaches ‘s beautiful Tedx talk, Power of the Period, and it reminded me that my cycle is so much more than the presence or absence of blood. It reminded me that it’s called a cycle because,

“we’re gifted with four unique hormonal phases, and just like the seasons, they each come in term with strengths and ways that make us feel”.

Then I made this chart as a personal calendar to gauge where I am and to be gentle with myself when I need rest. I’ll also use it to schedule future meetings/chores/errands etc. Imagine if we planned our life according to our bodily needs rather than  unrealistic industrial era work schedules. We would be so much more relaxed, healthier AND productive! 

One day, I hope to teach my daughter not only how to wear a pad/ tampon/cup, how to manage the pain but also how to get to know her body, and harness the power of this cycle. As the saying by Indigenous peoples goes,

“At her first bleeding a woman meets her power.During her bleeding years she practices it.At menopause she becomes it.” 

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