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It’s not a Sunni- Shi’a Conflict, dummy!

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Time for Hadi to move beyond managing power struggles

With the support of the international community, President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi came to power in Yemen as the consensus candidate – when the opposition coalition and the former ruling party signed an agreement on political transition put forward by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

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Yemen’s ‘Muwaladeen’: The struggle for equal citizenship-

A Yemeni activist and I were talking while walking in downtown Sana’a one hot morning. An old man kept turning back to look at us and eventually asked him with curiosity: “where are you from?” my colleague simply responded with a smile. “Ethiopia, Somalia?” asked the old man.

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Is Yemen’s Revolution Defeated?

In 2011, the colorful tents of Change Square flourished with hope and a dream of a dignified life. Three years later, like the tents, hope of regime change has disappeared for many independent revolutionaries. Continue reading “Is Yemen’s Revolution Defeated?”

The birth and death of cinema in Aden

Every day, Mohammed Afeef, a native of Aden, skipped out on lunch at school, and saved his daily allowance in order to go to Regal cinema – later named Shahinaz cinema- at the end of the week. Continue reading “The birth and death of cinema in Aden”

Yemeni Delegation Arrives in the U.S. to Train on Dialogue Process

WASHINGTON:  A U.N. Special Envoy arrived in Washington today to help a country on the brink of chaos.  The delegation, composed of Special Adviser to Secretary-General on Yemen, Jamal Benomar, along with Yemeni experts and tribal leaders, will share their knowledge on dialogue and conflict resolution. Continue reading “Yemeni Delegation Arrives in the U.S. to Train on Dialogue Process”

Coffee, Yemen’s Golden Commodity

Moving from tree to tree, an old man shows off his treasure. He is so engrossed in his task that, at times, he forgets who is around. His hand, tanned and wrinkled by years of working under the sun, cautiously extends toward a stem and carefully handpicks coffee cherries, while explaining the delicate and intricate process. Continue reading “Coffee, Yemen’s Golden Commodity”

Justice for Hassan and Khaled will show if Yemen has really changed

In the mid 1950s, the famous Adeni poet Lutfi Jaafar Amaan wrote: “In the meadow of impossible, we will plant the happiness and hopes of a generation”. Six decades later, his grandson would be shot dead in a killing that diminishes what little hope remains for his generation.

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The Myth of the “Yemen Model”

Shortly following the internationally funded uncontested election in Yemen, a high-ranking western diplomat berated me for not voting. When I asked him, “would people in your country be happy with a one-person election?” He responded: “people in my country are not trying to kill each other!” Continue reading “The Myth of the “Yemen Model””

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