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Palais des Beaux-Arts, Lille, 16 September 2017

As a child, I I used to communicate with shadows.  I thought they were real.  They were often good listeners, but sometimes quite creepy.  I didn’t know then that the person in every shadow was me.


Self-care or Selfishness?


I shut my eyes so I don’t see living skeletons,
of momentarily dead bodies.

 I convince myself that it’s not cowardice,
but responsibility;
my toddler deserves a mentally healthy mom.

 I allow myself to hide,
and I persuade myself to live,
even as infants inhale their last breath of oxygen and rubble.

What’s Her Name?


“Who’s that?” Mama Sayyida asked again within ten minutes.
“She’s my daughter,” I smiled.
“What’s her name?”
“Lilia Sayyida”
“Sayyida?” she giggled. “Are you serious?”
“Yes. I named her after you.”

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Hope Needs Practice

Uthina, Tunisia

I used to be a social media hyperactive addict until I deactivated my Facebook account for over a year. Continue reading “Hope Needs Practice”

War Rant – Part 1: The War Narrative and the Death of Philosophy

hawking-philosophy-is-deadLet me start off by saying this is NOT a research paper. It’s simply the first part of a longer rant. I want to get all the negative energy out of my system and into the wild (sorry universe!). Continue reading “War Rant – Part 1: The War Narrative and the Death of Philosophy”

War Rant War Rant- Part 2: War Awakens Burried Prejudices

5fbc5ee9bcb9ecd34a07b7b485fe9ad8After a year and a half of being inactive or semi-active on social media, mainly due to a phase of reflection and depression, I began to tweet from time to time after the start of the war. Continue reading “War Rant War Rant- Part 2: War Awakens Burried Prejudices”

Living is Resisting

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I’m a coward

I’m a coward,
who feigns heroism,
behind a screen.

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Do you remember Change Square? We certainly do

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