A woman with multiple identities



I won’t let her sleep


Another unfinished bookmark of Sana’a.  

I can not let her sleep.  I doodle her often and I wake up her inhabitants. I tell them that I’m worried because I’m starting to forget the little details.  The color of the main door, and the exact size of the key. I can’t remember what it smelled like in the hollow entrance.  They tell me that I have the luxury to forget so I keep sketching to never let that happen. Continue reading “I won’t let her sleep”



These days I find myself constantly doodling and sketching buildings of the old city of Sana’a.  Maybe I’m longing for a part of myself that I had found there.  Maybe I just miss it.  Maybe it’s my way of saying – albeit pointlessly – end this reckless war.  Here are two photos of raw, unfinished and unlaminated bookmarks featuring the houses of the old city of Sana’a.
Bookmark 1

Continue reading “Bookmarks”

Ici on parle francais

Ici on parle en francais
When I was supposed to be doing my French homework, I did this instead… 

Make Art Not War

This started off as a drawing of colorful Yemeni houses to hang in my daughter Lilia’s room.  Then, it quickly turned into an anti-war poster.



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