A woman with multiple identities


Snippets – Short Stories

Underneath His Stench


Twenty years ago, she was raped.
His dense body moved like a rattlesnake.
Her body, a tangerine seed,
Visible and wedged underneath his stench. Continue reading “Underneath His Stench”


Immobilizing Fear


Starting at her shoulders, fear contracted its muscles, curving its body from side to side. It thrust itself onto her neck. She shook her head and tried to shake it off, but it found resistance points in her teeth and shoved itself forward.   It forced her mouth shut, preventing her from screaming. She bit her lower lip, and her fists clenched together. Continue reading “Immobilizing Fear”

Beautiful Vomit

Aminah’s stomach rumbled. She stopped walking and placed her right hand on her belly. The cells in her stomach contracted and like tiny soldiers, began fighting each other with acid that burned everything it touched, reaching to her throat and her mouth. Her body jerked, yet she refused to open her mouth and release the combatants. They multiplied filling her cheeks. Continue reading “Beautiful Vomit”

I Just Can’t Understand You

Photo by Raymond Lidal.jpg
Photo by Raymond Lidal, May 2013 in al-Haima al-Dakhliya

Continue reading “I Just Can’t Understand You”

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